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The mission of the Mukilteo Historical Society is to locate, acquire, restore, preserve, and exhibit any and all articles, documents, photographs, papers, artifacts and other items of historic, cultural, educational, or scientific value which pertain to the City of Mukilteo and its environs;

  • Develop educational materials and promote recognition of the history and development of the City of Mukilteo
  • Maintain Light Station grounds and premises in cooperation with the City of Mukilteo
  • Staff the Light Station store and historical exhibits at appropriate times during the year, and conduct tours of the Light Station premises
  • In cooperation with the City of Mukilteo, provide access to the Light Station for groups and special events on a prearranged basis with volunteers scheduled to staff the various locations

Meeting times

The society meets the second Thursday  of every month at 7:00 at the Rosehill Community Center

Contact us for information or to join at info@mukilteohistorical.org

Officers & Directors

2018 Officers

  • President: Joanne Mulloy
  • 1st Vice President: Sally Morrison
  • 2nd Vice President: Alex Bonner
  • Secretary: Margaret Summitt
  • Treasurer: Alfred Friedrich

2018 Directors

  • Eric Richstad
  • Peter Anderson
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