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Mukilteo Historical Society offers a number of educational outreach opportunities including Trunk Treasures, classroom presentations, field trips, group tours, historical reenactments and storytelling. Click on a header below for more information.

Trunk Treasures is part of an MHS effort to help educators teach about local history. A number of household objects from our early days in the area have been donated for hands on exploration of life before electricity, television, computers, and so many other things now taken for granted. Also included in the trunk will be a notebook with reproducible maps, stories, and photographs for teachers to use. Teachers can check out the trunk for classroom use by calling and leaving a message for Ann Collier at (425) 513-9602 or e-mail

In addition, MHS continues to seek input from teachers about other useful ways to be of assistance in the study of local history. If you have suggestions for MHS, please contact Ann Collier.

christopherWe can offer:

  • A presentation on Mukilteo history by Christopher Summitt dressed as Jacob Fowler, one of Mukilteo’s founders, with a power point show of historical photos.
  • Trunk Treasures, a collection of hands-on artifacts and suggested activities to use in your classroom for up to two weeks.
  • Biographies of Mukilteo’s historical figures
  • Long-time Mukilteo residents for students to interview
  • A copy of Opal McConnell’s Mukilteo Pictures and Memories
  • Maps of Mukilteo
  • Exhibit/Information about the 1855 Point Elliott Treaty
  • Exhibit/Information about Mukilteo’s Role in WWII
  • Exhibit/Information about Mukilteo’s Japanese Community 1903-1930

Bring your class  or organization to tour the Mukilteo Lighthouse and exhibits on the history of the lighthouse and the history of Mukilteo. Group tours may be scheduled for times during the week.


Mukilteo Historical Society (MHS) volunteers are developing a program of historical reenactments and storytelling for presentation throughout the year.

Mukilteo founders, trading post workers, Japanese American sawmill workers, educators, a powder mill employee, an early business entrepreneur and more will celebrate diverse cultures and earlier times in the Mukilteo area.

MHS members and other Snohomish County community members will provide entertaining and educational glimpses into Snohomish County history. Learn more!

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If you would like more information about these events or possibly join the storytellers email or leave a message at (425) 513-9602